When the Bottoms Up Draught Beer Dispensing System is coupled with EKDs, an operational efficiency is achieved that has never before been seen in the draught beer world! Unlike traditional Foam On Beer Detectors (FOB), the Bottoms Up EKD detects when a keg is empty, shuts off the flow of beer at the valve on the dispenser, and notifies the operator by way of bright blinking LEDs on the control panel.

The EKDs do not allow the user to flood the beer lines with air, preventing waste.

Bottoms Up’s EKDs are made with FDA approved materials and have passed rigorous
flavour transfer testing.


• Increase output & bottom line profits

• Decrease the downtime changing kegs

• Faster service, resulting in better customer experience

• Increase draught beer yield on longdraw systems

• LED notification makes it easy to understand